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Master Electriks is Company and is committed to provide the most advance technology complete with engineering expertise and proven project management competence. The Company is also committed to execute all the assignments in professional manners at all level. The team of professional supervises all the activities in Total Quality Control (TQC) atmosphere in light of relevant international standards.


Master Electriks has a good record of health execution of various projects and satisfied clients for the above mentioned jobs. We focus our activities at client’s convenience, specification, and acceptation’s.

Qualification of The Company:


Name Of Company                              Master Electriks

Head Office:                                         Moza handoo near zaib palace,

Mominpura road Lahore

Branch office:                                      225-5/xx, hussan abad gate No.1

Khanewal road,Multan


Phone No.:                                            +92-423-6530758

Fax No.:                                                +92-42-6530758

E-mail:                                                   info@masterelectriks.com

URL:                                                      www.masterelectriks.com

Factory :                                               Moza handoo near zaib palace

Mominpura road Lahore


Sales Tax  No.                                        3277876169991.

Income Tax  No.                                   7985805

Corporate Registration No.:               547 of 2002-2003.

ISO Certificate Registration No.:       JP-1125 (International Industrial Certification

The Lahore Chamber of                       Membership No. 50976-A

Commerce & Industry

Bankers:                                              Faisal bank Shalimar town Branch, Lahore

The Bank of Punjab, Shalimar town Branch, Lahore

  2. i) VISION: To provide the cost effective & technically sound Engineering solution to our Customer according to National & International Engineering Standards.
    • To be No. 1 Switchgears manufacturing Company in Pakistan.
    • To provide durable and quality Switchgear by using state of the art Technologies, Innovations and Professional staff
    • To build and maintain a reliable Quality Assurance System and human oriented working atmosphere.
    • Client’s need and requirement will be given due priority.


  1. Master Electriks is committed to:
  • Provide the best quality product with best service at competitive prices for entire satisfaction of customer
  • Enhancing our reputation for quality in all our operations.
  • Promoting mutual trust with customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment to our community.
  1. Registration and Recognized:

Master Electriks is registered and being recognized by all the leading institution of the country. This includes Pakistan engineering council and many other autonomous bodies and prestigious private organizations.


  1. Field of Activities:

Master Electriks is engaged in following activities:

  1. Designing planning supervision and execution of complete projects in electrical cross section on turnkey basis
  2. Installation, Erection Testing and Commissioning of HT/LT Switchgear, Power Distribution Transformers and cable laying etc.
  3. Manufacturing of complete range of HT/LT Switchgear/Control gear.
  4. External & Internal Electrification of Industrial Commercial complex, Housing Societies etc.